W e l c o m e

     Over a decade ago we released  Dtab (Drum Tab Editor) software, over that time the package and Drum Tab in general have enjoyed great success, which is fantastic.  However, not all drummers are comfortable reading drum tabs, some drummers prefer a sheet music presentation.

     Adding Sheet Music support to Dtab,  has been an internal goal since the very first versions of Dtab way back in 1999.  Even though there wasn't much interest in the idea then, but it's been quietly growing.  Adding the feature today though, means rewriting Dtab and potentially forcing sheet music on some drummers. So we've decided to build an external conversion program called DtabPrinter, which will convert Dtab Drum Tabs into Sheet Music.  Give drummers the best of both worlds.  

P r e v i e w


      Hopefully from the video, you can see the Dtab Printer is designed as a Drum Tab rendering tool, rather than an editing tool.   So the software simply loads your Dtab files, then renders them out as a series of Sheet Music pictures.    These can printed, posted online, whatever you like. 



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